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PETITION NO. 1411 -  New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC (AT&T) petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed installation of a small cell wireless telecommunications facility on the roof of an existing commercial building located at 132 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, Connecticut.

PETITION (received 06/09/20)
Petition Filing, 06/08/20

Council Letter to the Town of Bethel, 06/10/20
Council Incomplete Letter to AT&T, 06/16/20
Council Interrogatories to AT&T, Set One, 06/30/20
Council Acknowledgement of Town of Bethel Land Use Department Comments, 07/08/20
Council Acknowledgement of Complete Submission, 07/10/20

Town of Bethel Land Use Department Comments, 07/07/20

Schedule, 06/10/20
Schedule, revised, 06/12/20

Service List, 06/11/20

Petitioner - New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC
Supplemental Submission, 07/01/20
Responses to Interrogatories, Set One, 07/14/20

Council Decision and Staff Report, 08/14/20
AT&T Submission on Condition 2 - Drawings Depicting Screening/Concealment of AT&T canister antenna, 09/15/20
Council Decision on Screening/Concealment Submission, 10/08/20