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PETITION NO. 1393 – Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 440-kilowatt customer-side fuel cell facility and associated equipment to be located at Cherry Street Lofts, 375 Howard Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Petition Filing (received 2/10/20) 


Council Letter to the City of Bridgeport, 2/11/20 
State Agency Comment Memorandum, 2/11/20 
Council Incomplete Letter to Petitioner, 2/13/20 
Council Field Review Notice, 2/19/20 
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, 2/27/20 
Council Request for Extension of Deadline for Action, 3/12/20 
Petitioner's Response to Council's Request for Extension of Deadline for Action, 3/13/20 
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set Two, 4/13/20

Council on Environmental Quality Comments, 02/27/20 

Schedule, 2/11/20 
Schedule, revised, 2/18/20 
Schedule, revised, 03/13/20 
Schedule, revised, 03/30/20 

Service List, 2/11/20 

Petitioner-Doosan Fuel America, Inc.
Petitioner's Response to Council Incomplete Letter, 2/18/20 
Council Acknowledgement of Petitioner's Response to Incomplete Letter, 2/20/20 
Petitioner's Responses to Council Interrogatories #1-10, 3/9/20 
Petitioner's Request for Extension of Time to Respond to Interrogatories with Council's Decision, 3/10/20 
Petitioner's Acoustical Sound Study, 03/17/20

Petitioner's Response to Council Interrogatory #11, 4/8/20
Petitioner's Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set Two, 04/14/20

Council Decision and Staff Report, 05/26/20