Portable Electronic Licensing FAQ's

  1. Where do I obtain the Portable Electronics license application?
    Apply by going to National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Under Licensing Center, select “Apply for a New License.”
    Complete the Portable Electronic 2nd Application and attached to the NIPR warehouse

  2. When does the Portable Electronics license (C.G.S. 38a-397) go into effect?
    October 1, 2014

  3. Can I offer or sell Portable Electronics Insurance without being licensed?
    No, you must be licensed to offer or sell Portable Electronics insurance effective October, 1, 2014.

  4. How may I view C.G.S. 38a-397, an Act Concerning Portable Electronics Insurance?
    Public Act No 14-64: http://www.cga.ct.gov/2014/ACT/pa/pdf/2014PA-00064-R00HB-05023-PA.pdf
    C.G.S. 38a-39: https://www.cga.ct.gov/current/pub/chap_700.htm#sec_38a397

  5. We are already selling Portable Electronics insurance. How long do we have to obtain the Portable Electronics license?
    You have ninety (90) days from October 1, 2014, to license the entity.

  6. Is a Portable Electronics license a limited lines Producer license?
    No, it is a stand-alone license.

  7. What is the fee to apply for a Portable Electronics license?
    Initial Application Fee: $600.00

  8. May I apply for this license on-line?
    Yes, please see FAQ #1

  9. May I pay for the application with a credit card?

  10. Is a Portable Electronics license available to individuals?
    No, only business entities may obtain a license.

  11. Do I need to hold an active Producer license to obtain a Portable Electronics license?

  12. If the supervising entity is a PRODUCER, must he hold an appointment with the Insurer?

  13. If the supervising entity is an INSURER, what is needed?
    NAIC #, Contact Name and Address

  14. What line of authority must a Producer hold in order to be appointed as a supervising entity?
    Property and Casualty authority

  15. What line of authority must an Insurer hold?
    Personal or Commercial Risk Insurance

  16. Does each employee or representative of an entity need to obtain a license?
    No, only the business entity would hold the license.

  17. Do we need to submit a registry of seller locations in the state that are offering or selling the Insurer’s Portable Electronics insurance policies?
    No, the supervising entity must maintain these records.

  18. Does the fee vary based on the number of branches/locations?

  19. Does each branch/location need to be licensed?

  20. How will I know when the license has been issued?
    The Department will send an email notification letting you know the license has been issued and how to print the license from our website.

  21. Will you mail me a hard copy of the license?
    No, you may print the license by going to National Insurance Producer Registry – Licensing Center.

  22. How will we renew the Portable Electronics license?
  23. What is the renewal fee?

  24. What is the license expiration date?
    January 31st, every even-number year. The license cannot be prorated.

Questions:  Send an email to: cid.licensing@ct.gov
Subject Line include “Portable Electronics”