Regulations of CT State Agencies
Affirmative Action Plans by State Government Agencies
Part I.Definitions
46a-68-75 Definitions
Part  II.An Affirmative Action Plan

46a-68-76 Submission of a plan electronically

46a-68-77 Elements of an affirmative action plan

46a-68-78 Policy statement

46a-68-79 Internal communication

46a-68-80 External communication and Recruitment Strategies

46a-68-81 Assignment of responsibility and monitoring

46a-68-82 Organizational analysis

46a-68-83 Workforce analysis

46a-68-84 Availability analysis

46a-68-85 Utilization analysis and hiring and promotion goals

46a-68-86 Employment analyses

46a-68-87 Identification of problem areas

46a-68-88 Program goals

46a-68-89 Discrimination complaint process

46a-68-90 Goals analysis

46a-68-91 Career Mobility

46a-68-92 Good Faith Efforts

46a-68-93 Innovative programs

46a-68-94 Concluding statement

Part  III. Review and Monitoring

46a-68-95 Filing standards

46a-68-96 Compliance summary reports; reporting periods

46a-68-97 Affirmative action plan reporting periods

46a-68-98 Record retention

46a-68-99 Access to records and personnel

46a-68-100 Methods of review

46a-68-101 Requests for information

46a-68-102 Standard of review

46a-68-103 Plan review and analysis

46a-68-104 Staff review; transmittal

46a-68-105 Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities review

46a-68-106 Training and technical assistance

46a-68-107 Delegation of authority

Part  IV. Enforcement Procedures

46a-68-108 Letters of commitment

46a-68-109 Certificate of noncompliance; service

46a-68-110 Petition for withdrawal of certificate; agreements; effect; monitoring; reissuance of certificate

46a-68-111 Request for rescission of certificate; hearings; appeal

46a-68-112 Certificate of exemption; conciliation; hearings

46a-68-113 Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities complaints

46a-68-114 Complaint investigation and hearing