Young’s Pond, Branford

Youngs Pond Species Map


   Young’s Pond is a 4-acre body of water adjacent to route 146 in Branford. It is surrounded by Young’s Park. There is no boating access.

   Our July 2009 survey of the pond found it heavily vegetated, limiting recreational use. The invasive species Cabomba caroliniana was dominant mixed Ceratophyllum demersum. Spirodela sp., Lemna sp., and Wolffia sp. densely cover the surface and make the entire pond look bright green. Small amounts of Utricularia gibba, a floating bladderwort, were also found in the middle of the lake. The only other submersed plant species found was Potamogeton pulcher in small patches next to the edge. Nymphaea odorata  was common in the cove adjacent to the road. 


Species recorded in our 2009 survey of Young’s Pond. Click on plant to view herbarium mount.
Scientific Plant Names
(*Invasive species)


Spotted Pondweed 


Great Duckweed 


Humped Bladderwort 

White Water Lily