Chaffee Lake, Ashford
Lake Chaffee 2009 Species Map

            Lake Chaffee is 52 acres and  located in Ashford, CT.  It is about 3 meters (10 feet) deep and  motors are not allowed (carry in only).  Residential housing surrounds the lake and a small dam is located in the north-east corner.

            Our July 2009 survey found 14 species of aquatic plants. None were invasive. The most abundant species was Potamogeton perfoliatus that was found mainly in the lake's center. This plant was visible from the surface and shoreline due to the red tinge in the leaves. Vallisneria americana and Elodea nuttallii were also very abundant along the shoreline as well as surrounding the two islands in the center of the lake.

Other species of aquatic vegetation included; Najas flexilis, Potamogeton bicupulatus, Callitriche sp., Utricularia radiata, and Sparganium.  These species were found throughout the lake, mainly away from the shoreline.  Sparse Gratiola aurea, Nuphar variegata, Elatine minima, and Isoetes echinospora were found in shallow water.


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