Introductory Statement


          For the record and in advance of hearing testimony this morning/afternoon before this State of Connecticut Board of Firearms Permit Examiners, I would like to explain the procedures we shall be following today.

          First, these are civil administrative proceedings being held in accordance with Section 29-32b of the Connecticut General Statutes to hear either denials or revocations of pistol permits by Issuing Authorities.  Under the General Statutes, this Board is charged with the duty of hearing the case, inquiring and determining the facts de novo, and determining whether those facts would be just and proper cause for denying or revoking a permit.

          It will occasionally happen that facts and events as the Issuing Authority believed them to be at the time of denial or revocation justified that denial or revocation, but additional facts and circumstances which come to light during these hearings convinces the Board that in all fairness, justice would be served by ordering the permit issued or reinstated.   Where no additional evidence or other compelling circumstances are uncovered, however, the Board will respect the judgment of the Issuing Authority.

          Under the General Statutes, hearings of the Board may be conducted informally but in a manner that guarantees fundamental fairness and the right to cross-examination.  ALL testimony, however, will be under oath, and all laws against perjury apply to those persons testifying.  Be advised - this Board takes perjury seriously and will refer perjury instances to the appropriate authority for full prosecution.  Testimony is recorded by tape recording, and the Board may subpoena testimony if necessary.  These hearings are public hearings, and they fall within the purview of the Freedom of Information Act.  Appellants and Issuing Authorities are hereby advised that none of the exceptions in the law allows for any of the information or documents introduced here as evidence to be excluded from the public.

          The procedure generally followed by the Board is that each party is permitted to make a brief opening statement, indicating the scope of the case and what they intend to show.  The Issuing Authority in its opening statement should briefly give the reasons for denying or revoking the Appellant’s application or permit.  You may call witnesses to testify in your behalf.   At the conclusion of each witness’ testimony, the other party may cross-examine that witness.  At the conclusion of the cross-examination, the Board may inquire with its own questions.  The Board, however, DOES reserve the right to question any witness at any time or to request testimony by additional witnesses, if necessary.  At the conclusion of ALL testimony, the Issuing Authority and the Appellant may make brief closing statements.  Decision of the Board is by majority vote of those members present and voting.  All parties will be notified of the Board’s decision by mail within 20 days of today’s hearing.

         Finally, in deference to the statutory scheme as codified in

CGS § 29-28(d) and pursuant to a recent Superior Court ruling, in an abundance of caution, the Board will endeavor to maintain the confidentially of all applicants appearing here today.  Toward that end, the Board will refrain from addressing the Applicants by name or by noting the Applicant’s address, but instead will address each one simply by the title “Applicant”.   The Board hereby requests any witness testifying here today to do likewise and to refer to each Applicant only by his or her title “Applicant”.   Thank you for your cooperation in that regard

          Lastly, please turn off your cell phones or put your phones on vibrate.  If you need to have a conversation, please go out into the hallway to do that, so as not to disturb these proceedings.  

                                                                     THANK YOU