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Connecticut Attorney General's Office
Workers' Compensation and Labor Relations Department

Connecticut has many state laws that protect employees’ wages and working conditions.  The Attorney General helps enforce the payment of wages laws, minimum wage laws, child labor laws, workplace safety, and the prevailing wage laws, as well as those statutes covering the unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation systems.  In addition to state laws, there is a set of federal employment laws which are enforced by the United States Department of Labor.

In an effort to ensure fair compensation and to ensure workers’ rights are protected, the Attorney General both enforces the law and works to help Connecticut Employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities.  Attorney General Blumenthal’s Workers’ Compensation and Labor Relations Department represents the Treasurer as the Custodian of the Second Injury Fund, the Workers' Compensation Commission and the Department of Administrative Services in its capacity as the administrator of the state employees' workers' compensation program, as well as DAS Personnel, the Labor Department, the Office of Labor Relations, the Office of the Claims Commissioner, the State Employees Retirement Commission, the Teachers’ Retirement Board, and others.  The department’s workers’ compensation staff represents the Second Injury Fund in cases involving potential liability of the Fund for workers' compensation benefits and the State of Connecticut in contested workers' compensation claims filed by state employees, while the labor relations attorneys represent the Department of Labor in unemployment compensation appeals to the Superior Court.  The department's workers’ compensation attorneys and paralegals also spend significant time on third party tort-feasor cases that result in the recovery of money for both the state and the Fund, as well as handling a large number of appeals to the Compensation Review Board and on to the Appellate and Supreme Courts.

Resources and Information

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