Interagency Developmental Disabilities Workgroup
Meeting Summary

May 2, 2003

In Attendance: Anne Broadhurst, OPA; Elizabeth D'Amico, DMHAS; Diana LaRocco, DMR; Dorian Long, DCF; Barbara Parks Wolf, OPM; Brian Sigman, BESB; Diane M. Wixted, CDHI;

Guests: Christine Gaynor, Real Choice Systems Change Grant

Real Choice System Change Grant Update

Model Communities: Chris reported on the progress of the Real Choice Systems Change "Model Communities" Grant competition. Nineteen communities have applied. The sub-committee is in the process of reviewing the applications; and the full steering committee will finalize the award decision on May 8. Once we have the final list of three communities, members of the IDDW will work with Chris and Susan Zimmerman to determine how we will assist each of those communities (the--who, what, where, and when). Chris will provide the IDDW with copies of the grant proposals to help us understand the proposed work and better assist with the cities and towns.

Assessment Committee: Chris reported that they continue to work on the statewide consumer survey. Sections of the survey will mirror a Harris Poll that was previously completed (approximately two years ago). Items include questions about accessibility, transportation, inclusive schools, and feeling welcomed  
Once the survey is finalized, Chris requested that we share information about participation with our various constituents to insure that there is ample opportunity for people to participate. 

Workforce Development Committee: Chris noted that this committee continues to discuss ways to recruit personal assistants. They are exploring a variety of recruitment methods including the development of a video, a brochure, linking to existing web pages and so on. The vision is a single point of access where consumers and people who are interested in the field can connect. They are in contact with the MA DMR and have reviewed their Web Pages CT DMR has a similar system that is modeled after MA

Structure of the IDDW and Future Meetings

Diana announced that she will be leaving state service on June 1. At this time, DMR is in the process of reorganizing Central Office and the regions. It is not known yet who will be assigned to take her place on the IDDW. Diana reported that she had discussed this with John Halliday. John suggested that DSS, DMR, and OPM meet in the summer to review the IDDW structure and work plan and make revisions as necessary. The members present discussed various strategies. There was consensus that John should follow through with his suggestion and that the IDDW would meet again in early September.

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