Interagency Developmental Disabilities Workgroup
Meeting Summary


In Attendance: John Halliday, BRS; Brian Sigman, BESB; Dorian Long, DCF; Elizabeth D'Amico, DMHAS; Diana LaRocco, DMR; Dick Edmonds, DPH; Roger Frant, SDE

Guests: Christine Gaynor, Real Choice Systems Change Grant; Paul Ford, Nursing Facilities Transition Grant

Real Choices System Grant Update 
Christine Gaynor noted that they are finalizing the announcement for the model communities. The hope is to have the announcement out by the end of January. The letter of intent from cities and towns returned by the end of February, bidders conference to be held in March, applications due the middle of April and final decisions by the middle of May, with the release of funds by July 1, 2003.

A selection committee of five (5) members from the Steering Committee has been selected to review the applications. There are opportunities for individuals to be involved in committee work, however, the selection committee has been chosen and given the complexity of the project and the need for the selection committee to fully understand the project. Everyone understood that the selection committee for the communities would not be expanded. BESB and Public Health offered to assist in getting out announcement by using their mailing lists for local health directors and special education directors.

Nursing Home Transition Grant 
Paul Ford provided an update on this project, indicating that thirteen individuals have already transitioned out of nursing facilities. The grant is working to help support these individuals in the community so they do not feel isolated in terms of involvement in their community.

Role of the IDDW in Real Choice Systems Change Grant Model Communities
The group discussed the role of IDDW. Once the towns are selected, we will work with the model communities and the Real Choice Systems Change Grant to ensure that the goals of the DD Commission implementation plan, particularly with regard to making sure that all populations are included, are reflected in the three model communities projects.

Interagency Training
We discussed the need to identify training opportunities and consider how working with agency training directors. The members of the group will identify the training directors for their agencies so we can look at how to coordinate training for other agencies and community groups, particularly regarding existing programs of services, eligibility criteria, and so on. The DD Commission report clearly pointed out that many families and individuals are unclear of eligibility criteria. Additionally, agencies who work with each other are often not up to date on the eligibility criteria and/or eligibility processes. An example of what we were discussing is having someone from DMR talk to the supervisors at BRS about the DMR eligibility criteria and process to ensure that each of the supervisors of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are up to date on how to proceed with that process as it may arise in working with consumers.

Next Meeting:
March 12, 2003
9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
184 Windsor Avenue
Windsor, CT 06095
Telephone: 1-860-602-4000

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