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This site will continue to post the following for regulations started before March 23, 2015:

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Department of Social Services Operational Policies
(As of July 1, 2013. Note: this page is no longer being updated.)

Operational policies adopted on or after March 23, 2015 are posted on the Connecticut eRegulations System. Polices adopted on or after July 1, 2013 but before March 23, 2015 are posted here.

Effective July 1, 2013, Sections 9 and 10 of Public Act 12-92, respectively amend Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Sections 17b-10 and 17b-423, and require the Department of Social Services (DSS) to electronically submit certain new department operational policies to the Secretary of the State for posting online before adopting them. The submitted policies are posted on this page.

CGS Sections 17b-10 and 17b-423, as amended, also require DSS to post each new policy to its website. In addition, DSS must publish notice of intent to adopt the policy as a regulation in the Connecticut Law Journal not later than 20 days after adopting the policy. CGS Sections 17b-10 and 17b-423, as amended, state that the noticed policy is valid until the time final regulations become effective.

Please direct policy content and status questions
to DSS at

    New DSS Operational Policies
(Listed in reverse chronological order by Date Posted)
Policy Number and Subject Date Posted
Date Adopted
 Link to Policy
14-07 ~ Requirements for Payment of Autism Spectrum Disorder Services 12/29/2014 01/01/2015
11-06 ~ Requirements Concerning Inpatient Hospital Services 12/03/2014 01/01/2015
13-01 ~ Requirements for Payment of Customized Wheelchairs 07/25/2014 07/25/2014
12-12 ~ Katie Beckett Waiver Program 03/19/2014 04/01/2014
13-01 ~ Requirements for Payment for Customized Wheelchairs - Updated
Rescinded 3/18/2014
03/06/2013 06/01/2014
Rescinded 3/18/2014
13-01 ~ Requirements for Payment for Customized Wheelchairs (Amended effective 6/1/2014)
Rescinded 3/18/2014
02/03/2014 03/01/2014
Rescinded 3/18/2014

13-07 ~ TFA EBT transactions

12/26/2013 01/01/2014
13-03 ~ Life Use Calculation (Uniform Policy Manual)  Rescinded 3/6/2014
Rescinded 3/6/2014
09-17 ~ Definition of Medical Necessity  09/17/2013  10/01/2013