Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) Design Group 

The purpose of the eCQM Design Group is to identify the objectives and requirements of an efficient, shared, statewide health IT-enabled electronic clinical quality measure solution that can extract, aggregate, and analyze relevant data from existing clinical sources (e.g. EHRs and registries) in the context of APMs. The design group may consider future requirements related to the integration of data from other electronic sources such as claims, patient-generated data, and state-sponsored databases.

The eCQM Design Group meets on a weekly basis via webinar.  Webinar information is located on the agenda of each meeting.

eCQM Charter 1.3 (updated on Feb. 14, 2017)



Meeting Materials

02/16/2017  Agenda_01

Session 1 Presentation
Session 1 Summary

 02/28/2017  Agenda_02 Session 2 Presentation
Session 2 Summary
 03/06/2017  Agenda_03 Session 3 Presentation
Session 3 Summary
eCQM Backgrounder
 03/14/2017  Agenda_04 Session 4 Presentation
Session 4 Summary
Draft eCQM DG Progress Report
 03/21/2017  Agenda_05 Session 5 Presentation
Session 5 Summary
 03/28/2017  Agenda_06 Session 6 Presentation
Session 6 Summary
 04/04/2017  Agenda_07

Session 7 Presentation
Session 7 Summary

 04/11/2017  Agenda_08 Session 8 Presentation 
Session 8 Summary
 04/18/2017  Agenda_09 Session 9 Presentation
Session 9 Summary
 04/24/2017    eCQM Design Group Final Report and Recommendations