Burials and Cemeteries Benefits


Any veteran with ninety (90) days active duty and with other than a dishonorable discharge is eligible for burial in a state veterans’ cemetery. (CGS Sec. 27-122b). Spouses are also eligible for this benefit. Grave markers are provided.

The State Veterans’ Cemetery in Middletown, CT is the largest State-operated veterans’ cemetery in the State. It is under the administrative control of the Connecticut Department of Veterans’ Affairs and its Commissioner. The Cemetery consists of 23.57 acres that will yield an expected 16,573 graves, or a number sufficient to last until the year 2032.

Visitation Rules of the Cemetery

  • The Cemetery will be open each day from 7:30 am to sunset.
  • There are no animals, bicycles, motorcycles, or snowmobiles allowed.
  • There is no hunting, fishing, or firearms (excluding military honor guards) allowed.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages or food is not allowed.
  • The planting of shrubs, trees, or flowers by the public is prohibited.
  • Artificial flowers are allowed from December 1 to April 30 (to be removed at the discretion of the cemetery personnel).
  • Cut natural flowers placed on the grave are allowed any time (to be removed at the discretion of the cemetery personnel).
  • All persons within the cemetery will conduct themselves in a manner befitting a sacred place.