Apply for Admission to the Residential Facility


Below outlines the Criteria required for admission to the facility:

  1. Submit completed application.
  2. A veteran must have received an honorable discharge or general under honorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States. Veterans with a dishonorable discharge are not eligible for admission.
  3. A veteran must meet all other legal requirements as outlined in the Connecticut statutes.
  4. (For Residential Facility - RF) – the veteran must be able to ambulate without assistance; require no nursing or attendant care, must be able to take own medication; shower and dress without assistance; make own bed and participate in an assigned therapeutic activity. (For Health Care Center - HCC) – the veteran must require 24 hour medical nursing care.
  5. For admission to the RF or HCC – A medical certificate is enclosed for veteran’s Primary Care Provider to complete.
    In addition to the completed application, a veteran may be required to complete a medical, psychiatric, or substance abuse prescreen by our clinicians before a final determination for admission can be made.
  6. Each veteran will be charged for care provided. Ability to pay for care is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs Regulations. See page 19.
  7. Any applicant who meets the above eligibility criteria, but has been denied admission has the right to appeal in writing to the Commissioner within 10 days of notification.

Some Important Facts If Admitted To The Residential Facility (RF)

  • All applicants will be subject to a Police Background Check.
  • If admitted to the RF, motor vehicles are not allowed on grounds for ninety (90) days;
    Motor Vehicles are not allowed if admitted to HCC.
  • A monthly billing fee will be determined upon admission. If allowed admission, any outstanding balance for a previous admission, you will be required to sign a condition agreement outlining a payment agreement.
  • In general once admitted to the RF, no authorization to leave the grounds will be permitted until the entire check in procedure is completed. (Minimum of one (1) week).
  • Upon admission, you will be expected to sign and agree to comply with a 90-day probationary agreement. Any violation of the agency rules and regulations may result in involuntary discharge.