Med-Connect (Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities)


Income Guidelines 2017

Basic Coverage Group
Beneficiaries earning up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) do not pay premiums for health care coverage through MED-Connect.

For 2017, 200% of the FPL is:
Individual: $2,010 monthly
Couple: $2,706 monthly

If your income is above these amounts, you will pay a monthly premium based on 10%of income above the limit. There is an exception for individuals whose net family income is between 250% and 450% of the FPL. These individuals pay a maximum of 7.5% of their net family income. ThebasicMED- Connect program is available to employed persons with disabilities. Income can be up to $75,000 per year, as long as some monthly income is from earnings. There is no minimum earnings requirement for the basic MED-Connect program.

Social Security Administration’s Substantial Gainful Activity Level
2017 – $1,170 monthly ($1,950 if blind)

Additional Requirement for the Medically Improved Group
Persons who have lost disability status with the Social Security Administration can retain disability status under MED-Connect if they are earning at least 40 times the Federal Minimum Wage permonth. For 2017 that figure is: $7.25 times 40 = $290.