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New Home Construction Contractor Applications

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Any person or business that builds a new home needs a registration, inclusive of speculative housing. “New Home  Construction Contractor” means any person who contracts with a consumer to construct or sell a new home or any portion of a new home prior to occupancy. Exceptions to the registration requirements are: homeowners applying for their own home construction; Realtors licensed and engaging in work under chapter 392; mobile home dealers and/or licensees covered under chapter 412; persons holding a professional or occupational license; registration or certificate, provided said person engages in work for which said person is licensed, registered, or certified; and new home construction contractors who engage in one or more contracts related to the same new home with an aggregate value of less than thirty-five hundred dollars ($3,500).


New Application:

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Late Renewal: (Late renewals cannot be completed online)

The Late Renewal form can only be used up to 6 months after the expiration date.  After the 6 months, a new application is required. 

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