Each year, hundreds of fires set by youth claim hundreds of lives and destroy millions of dollars’ worth of property.
In Connecticut, a state-wide Youth Set Fire Steering Committee has convened to formulate a systematic and comprehensive response to the problem of youth-set fires.  The Steering Committee has brought together statewide representatives from fire services, from law enforcement, the judicial system, child welfare and mental health professionals.
The Steering Committee has developed trainings for various interested audiences, implemented the National Fire Academy Youth Set Fire training through the Connecticut State Fire Academy, developed policies and introduced legislation and pursued funding opportunities.   The Steering Committee has designed and is currently implementing Pilot Programs across the state, informed by the Youth Fire Setting Prevention and Intervention curriculum developed by the National Fire Academy (NFA).
Each member of the Steering Committee brings an area of expertise, passion and commitment to the table to address this problem and offer youth the most appropriate intervention. They are  committed to work with each of the Pilot Programs and their partners to address roadblocks, offer consultation and identify resources to promote successful and effective programs.