The Office of Substance Use Treatment and Recovery supports DCF's mission of "healthy, safe, smart and strong" families by providing a recovery-oriented system of care to all children in Connecticut and DCF involved parents/caregivers experiencing difficulties with substance misuse.
Our objective is to provide a recovery-oriented system of care designed to:
  • Prevent the negative impact of addiction;
  • Promote health, wellness and resiliency for our children, families, and community at large;
  • Intervene and support children and caregivers who need services to recover from addiction related problems; and
  • Sustain recovery for children, adults and families by providing recovery supports, recognition that recovery is possible, and the elimination of stigma in our communities.
 Our substance use treatment services are:
  • culturally informed;
  • engaging, empowering, and strengths-based;
  • trauma-informed and gender responsive; 
  • developmentally appropriate;
  • community-based;
  • family driven/centered and child/youth guided;
  • evidence-based, flexible, and innovative; and
  • seamless, comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated.
Prevention Intervention Recovery