Instructions for Completing the Applicant Flow Data Chart

NOTE: In accordance with Section 46A-68-42(A2) “APPLICANT FLOW ANALYSIS,” of the Connecticut State Regulations for Affirmative Action in State Government, the Applicant Flow Data procedure will be an integral requirement of the DF Employment Analysis.

Completing the Form

Position Control Number:
The number of the position(s) for which the search is being conducted.

Area Office, Facility or Division, i.e., Bridgeport, CCP, Quality Assurance

Job Title:
The official job title of the position for which interviews are being held.  Each job title and pertinent information should be on separate flow charts.

AA Goals:
These are the current hiring and/or promotional goals for the position.  Goals must be gathered prior to the interviews.

Interviewed By:
List names of all panel members.  All hires whose function is at or above a supervisory/ lead level and all promotions require a diverse three-person panel, with at least one male.

Job Category:
A combination of the EEO Category and Job Title - to be filled in by the Division of Equal Opportunity Assurance.

Race and Sex:
This information is submitted to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  If there are any questions relative to determining the race of a candidate, please contact your Human Resources Employment Specialist.

Please select from among the “codes” as listed on the Applicant Flow Data Form. There may only be one “4” for each position control number listed on the form.

  • Not Recommended for Position
  • Interviewed, Not Recommended
  • Offer Extended, Rejected by Applicant
  • Interviewed, Recommended for Hire
Understanding the Process
  • Human Resources (HR) fills out the Applicant Flow Form – position control number, job title, hiring office/location, Full/Part-time status, Permanent/Durational; Employment Specialist’s name. 
Human Resources (HR) contacts the Division of Equal Opportunity Assurance as necessary for the most current hiring and promotional goals.
  • Human Resources (HR) posts position.
Interviews for position vacancies involving ALL promotional opportunities for Department employees must consist of a three person interview panel consisting of one Latino/Hispanic, one Black/African American and one White/Caucasian, with at least one individual being male. For all hiring positions, the three person diverse panel must be included for all appointments at or above the function of Lead or Supervisor.
  • Hiring manager completely fills out Flow Form and selects candidate, noting on the form whether the selection made:
If a qualified goal candidate is among the pool and is not selected, the hiring manager must provide a detailed, thorough and searching explanation as to why the selected candidate was chosen. 
To simply state “Not enough experience, Did not interview well, or Not as well qualified as top candidate” are not acceptable reasons and do not demonstrate good faith effort. 
  • The form must then be signed by all members of the Interview Panel as well as the Hiring Manager.
  • The completed form is returned to the Human Resource Division.
  • Human Resources forwards completed form to the Division of Equal Opportunity Assurance for approval.
Equal Opportunity Assurance calls hiring manager and/or Employment Specialist if additional information is required for approval of non-goal hires or promotions.
  • Once approved, the form is returned to HR and the offer may be extended.  If the search is found not to be in compliance and is rejected, the Hiring Manager has the right to appeal to the Commissioner and/or her designee.

Disposition Justification

Providing the Affirmative Action Division with information on reasons for hiring or not hiring; promoting or not promoting; or interviewing or not interviewing, is a critical contribution to the success of the Department’s Affirmative Action Plan.

The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) requires that whenever a hire or promotion does not meet a goal, “a detailed, searching and complete account of activities undertaken to achieve each goal must be provided.”  Comments such as “good”, “bad”, “yes”, “no” are unacceptable.  Comments such as “best candidate” or “not qualified”, must be explained relative to the essential functions of the position.  Acceptable comments describe the candidate’s job related skills, experiences and education.

The CHRO reviews all applicant flow data information against the Goals Analysis section of the annual Affirmative Action Plan to determine whether “good faith efforts” were made to try to achieve each goal.  Incomplete, inaccurate or missing applicant flow data information results in the agency being considered “weak” or “deficient” by the CHRO.

According to the Regulations for Affirmative Action by State Government, “Good Faith Effort” means that degree of care and diligence which a reasonable person would exercise in the performance of legal duties and obligations.  At a minimum, it includes all those efforts reasonably necessary to achieve full compliance with the law.  Further, it includes documentary evidence of all action undertaken to achieve compliance, especially where goals have not or will not be achieved within the allotted time frames.”

Good faith effort activities include aggressive outreach efforts such as calling, writing or meeting with community agencies, community leaders, radio stations, publications, etc., to enlist their assistance in meeting the Department’s goals.  It also requires the inclusion of minority media sources when advertising in newspapers, publications, radio public service announcements, etc.