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Medical Complex Overview Training (Dates and Locations)
Training Requirements for Medically Complex Certification 
Training Requirements for Caregivers:

Children with Complex Medical Needs
Within the Department of Children and Families, under the direction of Fredericka Wolman, MD, MPH, Chief of Pediatrics, there is a small group of children who have medical care needs that go beyond routine well-child care and common childhood illnesses.  These children may have care needs that range from a child who requires daily medications for mild-persistent asthma to a child who must have assistance with all of their care due to severe cerebral palsy or other complex medical conditions. DCF designates the care needs of children with complex medical needs into a 4 tiered classification system. Children who are in classification four are the children with the most complex medical and associated care needs while children in Classification 1, have fewer care needs and less medical risk. All caregivers of children with complex medical needs are required to have additional health-related training.
Age appropriate CPR certification, child specific medical training (CSMT), and DCF training related to healthcare needs of the children.
Caregivers of children with complex medical needs, in Classification 1, take "Fostering Health for Children in Foster Care." Caregivers of children with complex medical needs, in Classifications 2-4, must take the Medically Complex Certification course.
Relatives, Special Study and Pre-adoptive caregivers caring for a child with complex medical needs in Classifications 1- 4 must have the DCF Training "Fostering Health for Children in Foster Care" as well as age-appropriate CPR, and Child Specific Medical Training. 
All caregivers caring for children with complex medical needs are required to have current CPR certification.  CAFAF is one resource for CPR training classes.  Follow this link to access the CAFAF website

Training Requirements for Medically Complex Certification

Includes the 4 prerequisites listed below and the Medically Complex Overview Training.


1.  Fostering Health for Children in Foster Care

  • For the in-person training, contact your support worker
  • For the on-line version click one of the options below:

2.  CPR certification

3.  Medication Safety for Foster Parents - Online only

4.  Strategies and Resources for Managing Health Care:  Module 28

  • In-person training provided by CAFAF
  • Click here for class information  

Medically Complex Overview Training

One day only

Dates/Times and Location:

  • Tuesday, November 14th, 2017  8:30 - 4:00 pm, Norwalk DCF Area Office, 761 Main Ave 1--Park Complex, Norwalk CT  06851
  • Thursday, December 14th, 2017, 8:30 - 4:00 pm,  Meriden DCF Area Office, One West Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451

* Prerequisites must be taken before registration for the Medically Complex Overview training

Social Workers

We are unable to accommodate foster parents who come to class on the day of training without prior registration.

To register a parent, please contact:

Linda Clark RN, BSN
Clinical Nurse Coordinator
Work:  860-550-6636
Fax:    860-550-6541

Updated 11-7-17