Approved Emergency Safety Intervention Training Programs

Beginning in May 2014, the DCF Emergency Safety Intervention Review Committee initiated the process of reviewing all Emergency Safety Intervention (ESI) training programs utilized by DCF licensed congregate care facilities.  This review process is outlined in DCF policy 31-12-12.4.  The process includes in-person presentations of training curricula by the training program providers, as well as demonstrations of physical intervention techniques.  As required by the DCF policy, the composition of the review committee included relevant DCF staff, DCF licensed private providers, and persons with lived experience. 

Based on the Committee’s reviews, the following ESI training programs are approved without conditions:

  • Crisis Consulting Group (CCG)
  • Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI)
  • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)
  • Safe Crisis Management (SCM)
  • Justice Resource Institute (JRI)-Building Communities of Care
  • The Mandt System Inc.

The following ESI training programs are approved with the specified conditions:

  • Pro-ACT: Approved for standing holds and escorts only.  The floor hold is not approved as it involves a take-down maneuver which places a client in a prone position before moving the resident to a supine position.
  • Devereux Safe and Positive Approaches: Approved with the additional requirement that the use of the pressure point bite release be separately reported to DCF Licensing when utilized.
  • Physical/Psychological Management Training (PMT): Approved with the condition that evidence be submitted to document implementation of the plan of correction.
  • North American Family Institute (NAFI): Approved with the additional condition that the use of the bite release technique involving the holding of the nose of the resident be reported to DCF Licensing.

For any questions please contact:

Jim McPherson, Program Manager
DCF Licensing Unit