Application Process: 

The principal investigator(s) must submit a completed application package to the DCF IRB.  A link to the application can be downloaded from the “Forms Library.”  The DCF IRB must approve your proposed research prior to the implementation of any research involving human subjects, records or charts.


The IRB will not consider a research proposal until the application package is received in its entirety.  In addition, the DCF IRB will not review any research proposal until it has been cleared by all other applicable institutions’ IRBs.  The IRB will review completed application packages in as timely a manner as possible, but no later than sixty (60) days after the receipt of the entire application package.


Please be aware that application packages submitted to the DCF IRB have been determined by the department to be disclosable under the Freedom of Information Act provisions, unless otherwise exempt.

Application Package:

A completed application package must contain the following:

  • An IRB Application Form filled out completely.  Incomplete forms are likely to result in processing delays.
  • A sample of the consent form to be used. The consent must cover the specific risks and benefits to the individual subject.  Consent forms should be available in languages appropriate to the research population.
  • The questionnaires or other data collection instruments to be used in the research.
  • A copy of the grant application if the research is grant funded and a copy of the research design or proposal.
  • A copy of the IRB approval(s) of all other applicable institutions when the research proposal has been cleared. 
  • For any research at DCF sites, a letter from the chief administrator or Solnit South executive committee, is required indicating initial approval.  Solnit South's executive committee must approve research involving its patients.  
  • A current resume or Curriculum Vitae of the principal investigator and co-investigator(s).
  • A copy of the Exempt Research or Expedited Review Checklist, if applicable.
  • Assurance of completion of investigator training.

Application Submission:

The IRB application package must be submitted electronically with one signed original hard copy application.  The IRB application package must be forwarded to the DCF IRB both electronically and by hard copy to the following:


DCF Institutional Review Board
Office For Research and Evaluation
505 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT  06106

Electronic copies should be sent to: