A Purchase of Service (POS) contract is a legally binding agreement/document that defines the services or end product to be delivered to a state agency.  A POS contract is used to purchase ongoing and routine human services for clients from private providers such as child guidance clinics or extended day treatment centers.  Once services and cost are agreed upon, a contract is signed.


POS Materials:


 Part I

  • Face Page
  • Scope of Service (SOS Explanation)The SOS is a program description that is developed for each service type, describing the specific services that DCF is paying the contractor to provide.  The Scope of Service includes the contract capacity, units of service, service delivery expectations, data outcome reporting requirements and other pertinent service elements of the contract.

  • Scope of Service Guidelines and Checklist

  • Part 1 Sample SOS & Sections  (A-Description and Contract Capacity, B-Service Delivery Requirements, C-Reporting Requirements) 

  • Part 1 Sections  (D - Department Specific Provisions, E - Service Components not fee of service,  F - Service Components for fee of service)


Part II