Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program Information


  • My company offers an environmentally preferable product. How do I go about selling it to state agencies?
    Answer: First you should familiarize yourself with the procurement process here.  Once you understand the process, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate contracting staff.
  • Why Use EPP Products and Services?
    Answer: We are faced every day with the reality that many of the products we buy can cause damage to the environment and/or public health. From the extraction of raw materials and the manufacture of products, to their use and disposal, products that we use every day can be harmful. By purchasing environmentally preferable (EP) products and services we look to reduce those impacts. For example, by purchasing recycled products instead of virgin products, we reduce the need to extract raw materials, such as petroleum, trees or metals and, in general, use less energy and water. By purchasing products with fewer toxic ingredients, we minimize the hazardous impacts of those products during manufacture and reduce the damage caused through accidental spills and when disposed. We also reduce the risk to workers handling the products, and the risks posed to building occupants. By purchasing energy efficient products, we help to reduce energy consumption, which in turn lowers our emissions of sulfur dioxide (which causes acid rain) and carbon dioxide (a primary greenhouse gas). In the end, the choices we make affect our local environment, our health and the global community. They also affect both current and future conditions. The power of the purse is an extremely effective tool for promoting products that do less harm and contribute to the overall well-being of our planet.