Apply for boiler, elevator, and escalator inspections and certifications


Elevators & Escalators

Connecticut General Statutes:

  • Chapter 538, Elevators, Escalators, and Lifts: Sections 29-191 through 29-200. 
  • Chapter 538a, Passenger Tramways: Sections 29-201 through 29-214.



  • Adoption of National Standards, ASME/ANSI A17.1 1996 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, with the 1997 and 1998 addenda, by reference. 
  • ANSI A10.4-1990, American National Standard Safety Requirements for Personnel Hoists and Employee Elevators for Construction and Demolition Operations.

Boilers / Hot Water Heaters
 Statute #  Function  Scope  Comments
29-232 "AHJ" Develop Regulations
Shall R29-232 1-111 Administration Regulations
29-233 Issue Commissions Shall Issue Commissions to State Boiler Inspectors Assist in Formulating Exam Questions
29-234 Issue Certificate of Competency
Shall Issue Certificates to Insurance Company Inspectors
29-235 Examination for Special Inspectors
Shall Administer Examination either in Writing or Oral
29-236 Commission Required - Suspension/Revocation
Shall Hold Hearings on Appeal
29-237 Inspections High & Low Pressure Boilers
Shall All Boilers Under This Chapter Shall Be Inspected
29-238 Inspection Fees - Operating Certificates
Shall Process Invoices and Issue Operating Certificates
29-239 Certificate Required
Shall No Owner/User to Operate Boiler without Certificate
29-240 Report of Violation/Order to Comply
Shall Order Owner/User to Comply/Order Boiler Shut Down
29-241 Registration of Boilers Shall Installer to Register Newly Installed Boiler
29-242 Enforcement Shall Enforce Provisions of this Chapter and Regulations
29-243 Penalties Shall Violates Provisions/Fines
29-244 Failure to Post Operating Certificate
Shall Examination and Inspection Ascertain Display of Valid Operating Certificate