How to Become a Certified Fire Official


There are three criteria that you must meet in order to become a certified fire marshal in Connecticut:

  1. You must be certified as a Fire Code Inspector
  2. You must be certified as a Fire Investigator
  3. You must meet one of the minimum standards of qualification for local fire marshals as established in statute.

To become a certified Fire Code Inspector or a certified Fire Investigator, you can either take a training course or take an examination.

The Pre-Certification Training Program has two components:  The Fire Code Inspector module and the Fire Investigator module.  Both modules are offered biannually (spring and fall semesters), and have exams built into the training.  By scoring a minimum of 70% on all exams, you have earned certification.

The tests for Fire Code Inspector and Fire Investigator are offered four times a year (Challenge Exams), in February, May, August and November. Because of the length of each exam, you can only take one exam per quarter.

Specific exam details can be found in the OEDM Fire Challenge Exam policy.