State Building Construction Projects - Requests for Qualifications for Design-Build Services


Qualification Requirements:

  • The Design-Build (D-B) Team “Request for Qualifications” (RFQ) requires that your firm submit a “Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Submittal Booklet” and “QBS Supplemental Booklet for D-B Services” for each specific Project.  See the RFQ for details.
  • Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services evaluates each D-B Team’s RFQ submittal materials to determine a “shortlist” of the most highly qualified D-B Teams. 
  • The shortlisted D-B Teams are invited to respond to a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) and attend a “Selection Presentation” (interview).
  • Your firm cannot exceed the contract limitations listed in 1210 QBS - Guidelines for Selection and Contract Limits.