State Building Construction Projects - Requests for Qualifications for Construction Manager at Risk Services


The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services selects Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) firms for certain State Building Construction Projects using a “Best Value Selection Procedure”. 

  • The Best Value Selection Procedure begins with a CMR “Request for Qualifications” (RFQ).
  • DAS Construction Services evaluates each CMR’s RFQ submittal to determine a “shortlist” of the most highly qualified CMR firms. 
  • The shortlisted CMR firms are invited to respond to a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) and attend a “Selection Presentation” (interview).
  • The RFP consists of Project Information, “Qualitative Criteria Components”, and “Sealed Cost Proposal Components” and must be submitted by the due date by each of the shortlisted CMR Firms.
  • Each CMR’s Qualitative Criteria Components submittal and Selection Presentation is evaluated, rated, and scored.
  • Each CMR’s Sealed Cost Proposal Components submittal is publically opened, evaluated, and combined with the scores from the Qualitative Criteria Components submittal and Selection Presentation.
  • All of the CMR Proposal scores are compared to determine the “Lowest Cost Per Unit Of Quality”.
  • The CMR Proposal with the Lowest Cost Per Unit Of Quality is deemed the “Best Value” Proposal.
  • The CMR Firm whose proposal provides the best value to the State is recommended for selection to the DAS Commissioner, who then determines the final CMR selection