Environmental and Energy Resources for State Building Construction Projects


Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) and Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (R.C.S.A.):


Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA):

C.G.S. 22a-1a through 22a-1h

R.C.S.A. 22a-1a-1 through 22a-1a-12


Environmental Reviews and Pre-Planning Studies:

State and Federal Air Regulations


Environmental Site Assessments and Property Transfer:

C.G.S. 22a-133x

C.G.S. 22a-133y

C.G.S. 22a-134 through 22a-134e

R.C.S.A. 22a-133k-1 through -3

R.C.S.A. 22a-133q-1


Underground / Above Ground Storage Tanks:

C.G.S. 22a-449

R.C.S.A. 22a-449(d)


High Performance Buildings:

C.G.S. 16a-38k

  R.C.S.A. 16a-38k-1 – 16a-38k-9