DAS Construction Services - Opportunities for SBE and MBE Firms

What's Next


On-Call Consultant Selection:

  • Selection Panels evaluate and rate each Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Submittal Booklet using criteria categories described in the Request for Qualifications (RFQ).
  • The most qualified On-Call Consultants are selected for the specific On-Call Contract.
  • The Selected Firms are sent “Conditional Selection Notification Letters” which describes additional certificates, affidavits, and other information that must be submitted prior to the award of the On-Call Contract.

On-Call Consulting Services:

  • When DAS/CS has a need for On-Call Consulting Services for a State Building Construction Project valued at less than $5,000,000, it will select an On-Call Consultant based on a rotating, equitable selection method from the appropriate On-Call Contract.
  • A Task Letter Assignment will be negotiated with the selected On-Call Consultant.


Informational and Technical Assistance Meeting:

  • Within ten days of posting a RFQ on the State Contracting Portal,  DAS/CS will host an Informational and Technical Assistance Meeting for all Prospective Contractors. 
  • The Date, Time, and Location of the meeting will be provided in the RFQ.

Evaluation of Qualifications:

  • An Evaluation Panel will evaluate each QBS Submittal Booklet using qualification criteria described in the RFQ.
  • If qualified, the SBE/MBE contractor becomes a “SBE/MBE Pre-Selected Contractor” and is placed on a list to bid on future CPS Projects that are estimated to cost between $100,000 and $500,000.


Invitation to Bid and Contract:

  • When DAS/CS has a State Building Construction Project that is estimated to cost between $100,000 and $500,000 for one of the nine Classes of Work, it will send an Invitation to Bid (by email) to all of the SBE/MBE Contractors on the applicable “SBE/MBE Contractor Pre-Selection List”.
  • The Pre-Selected SBE/MBE Contractors will be treated as General (Prime) Contractors and will be the only Contractors invited to submit bids on the SBE/MBE CPS Project(s).
  • A contract will be awarded to the “Lowest Responsible and Qualified Bidder”.