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Press Release

Attorney General Says Craigslist Erotic Services Section Inadequate

May 12, 2009

"Craigslist's changes to its erotic services section are superficial and insufficient, leaving this online brothel booming and open for business. Craigslist still doesn't get it: it must shut down this hooker haven. These changes are window dressing, failing to eliminate pornography, nudity and open offers of sex for money.

"I am deeply disappointed that craigslist failed to consult with my office and other attorneys general, wasting its time and ours. Had they done so, we would have immediately informed them that these changes are inadequate.

"Prostitution and pornography on craigslist are unacceptable and must be scrubbed. I will consult with fellow attorneys general about our next steps, including possible legal action, in the battle to close this online red light district."